Double J Truck Beds
J&I Manufacturing and Dupont joined forces to provide the best possible surface. The use of a 4 stage , metal wash iron phosphate pre-treatment system provides long lasting durability and gloss retention. This operation cleans and pre-treats metal parts, providing a protective coating against corrosion. The iron phosphate pre-treatment prvides a foundation for the subsequent paint operation.

Trained J&I paint applicators apply either a DTM ( direct to metal) imron coating designed to give you outstanding color and gloss retention along with excellent adhesion and flexibility, or the latest DuPont Hybrid Corlar epoxy primer, top coated, usint Centari 5000, a high performance, two component, chemical and solvent resistant, high gloss acrylic urethane enamel.
   Pronghorn Model 8700 UT
with optional lowered  down front boxes for a Montezuma tool box
Our Pronghorn beds feature powder coated paint, lights and wiring, double lights in the headache rack, tool boxes, LED lights, greasable hinges, keyed T-lock handles, 2" X 2" receiver hitches, reflective tape, dually beds are tapered, and 30,000 LB fifth wheel balls. Many other features available. There are 4 different beds and 8 different styles available. Basic tool box size is
27" X 14" X 12" and are available with 2 swing out drawers. Cross bed tool boxes are 68" X 21.5" X 10" tapered to 4".
Pronghorn Model 8600 UT